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A Gigantic Accomplishment
A Wonderful Performance
Ain't Going Down
An Eye for Survival
Arcane Luck
Avoided The Third Rail
Blood Immortal
By Her Will
Cool as Ice
Doctor's Orders
Eight Lives Left Over
Evading Death... Stroke
Fear Not Death
Fun Times
Fun Times
Good Deal
Heroes with the Might of Magic
It's Not Judgment Time Yet
Keeping an Eye Out
Making a Splash
Might Is Right
No Joking Matter
No Monkeying Around
Resistant to Her Charm
Sinister Approach
STAR Power
Staying Power
Surviving Patient
That Which Cannot Be Killed
The Cat's Meow
The Devil's Luck
The Good Die Young
The Power of the Queen
The Power to Live
The Power to Survive
The Undying
The Unyielding
The Will to Live
Too Cool for School
Touch of the Immortals
Tough Like Gorilla
Unstung Heroes
Viva los Heroes
We Will Not Falter
Wearing Your Survival Suit
You Listen To Me More, You Live Longer!