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The Last Laugh

A Real Hero
All Up in the Club
Bombs, Away!
Doom Control
Eat My Space Dust
Exigent Circumstances
Exploding onto the Scene
Hall of Doooooom!
Heavy Beats
Hostage Negotiator
Let's Get a Rally Going!
Like a Black Hole in a Jar
Making a Name for Yourself
Making It Safe
Menace to Society
My Life as a Robot
No Wallflower
No Wired Hangar... Ever!
Pest Control
Police Brutality
Police Chase
Putting the Safe Back in Safehouse
Rally Up!
Rescue 911
Rescue Ranger
School of Hard Knocks: Police Station
School of Hard Knocks: Shady Nightclub
Space Invader
Space Station Spiff
Spacial Delivery
Swimming with the Sharks
That's Heavy
This Club is the Bomb
This House is Clean
Together We Stand
Watch Out!
What DO You Do?
Who Watches the Watchtower
Your Map to the Stars
You're Grounded!