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Amazon Fury Part II

Ain't Got No Soul
Antique Throneshow
Bring a Dog to Heal
Cut Off the Supply
Death Proof
Don't Get Bit
Empty Bottles
Empty Bottles
Every Little Bot Counts
Final Destination
Fire Hydrant
Forged in Battle
Futile Efforts
Getting Rid of a Bomb
Golden Path of Destruction
Happy Feet!
Hit and Myth
Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged
Kill Thrill
Made in the Shade
Minimum Minions
One Hand & Foot Tied Behind Your Back!
One Round
Rockin' the Paradise Island
Schroedinger's Council
Schroedinger's Council
Share the Load
Soul Crushing Defeat
Take No Prisoners
The Gods Aren't Listening
The Walking Dead
Throne Room Upkeep
Throw Shade
Totally Totem-Free