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Player vs. Player

100 Down for the Count
1000 Down for the Count
10X Under Fire!
25 Down for the Count
25X Under Fire!
500 Down for the Count
A Grand Feat
All Trinked Out
Assist Expert
Assist Master
Assist Rookie
Assistance Is Not Futile
Attack the Weak Point for Massive Damage
Capture Expert
Capture Master
Capture Rookie
Come At Me!
Crush Your Enemies and See Them Driven Before You
Down for the Count
Fighting the Good Fight
Fistfull of Cash
Give No Quarter
Give Them Nothing But Take From Them Everything
Gotta Catch Em' All!
High Rolling Healer
Hostile Takeover
Hunter for Hire
Killing Is My Business, and Business Is Good
KO Spree!
Man That's Harshad
M-M-Multi KO!
My Backpack's Got Jets
Not So Fast!
Offline Expert
Offline Master
Offline Rookie
Place Your Bets!
Smelled Like Victory
The System Is Down
There is No Substitute for Victory
Think Fast!
WANTED: Knocked Out or Alive
War Never Changes