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Iconic Styles

25th Century Model
Ancient Spirits of Evil
Avatar of Trigon
Bomber Man
By the Horns
Charged Up
Commanding Presence
Cutting Edge of Krypton
Darkness Grows
Darkness Grows As All Light Dies
Defender of Gotham
Dressed to Kill
Everybody Loves Rays
Fashion Circuit
Fully Functional Fashion
Funny Lookin'
Gauntlet of the Goddess
Glow with the Flow
Heart of Ice
Heart of Kryptonite
Hot Head
Hot Look
How Many Points Is That?
Hush Little Baby
Kneel Before Zod!
Knight in the City
Knight Moves
Kryptonian Defender
LexCorp Warbringer
Lion's Share
Make Sparks Fly
Mercenary for Hire
Miracle's Ensemble
Of the Tribe
One with the Speed Force
Prodigal Fury
Quick, Stryke a Pose
Revenge is Always In Style
Rock of Eternity's Guardian
Rockin' Robin
Seeking Sea King
Sneaky Service
Spear of Themyscira
Spearbearer of Nabu
Steel Soldier
Stryke a Pose
Surgeon General
Thanagarian Vindicator
That's Omerta
That's Using Your Head
The Armor Makes the Man
The Fury of Teth-Adam
The Joke's on You
The Look Of Tomorrow, Today
The Tactleneck
True Colors
Walking Rampart
Warrior Prince or Princess
Whirlwind Fashion