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Theme Styles

A New Classic
Am I Here to Amuse You?
Antique Aviator
Anubis Ascendant
Astral Projector
Avian Assassin
Bio Booster
Bone Daddy
Boot to the Head
Bug Off
Building A Better Tomorrow
Controlled Breathing
Criminal Justice
Cybernetic Upgrades
Defender of Justice
Defender of the Earth
Defender of the Universe
Difference Engine Designed
Dimensional Traveler
Don't Pick Up Hitchhikers
Dress Like an Egyptian
Dressed for the Streets
Early Adopter
Expeditionary Force Leader
Galactic Sentinel
Get Out On the Highway
Get Your Kicks
Go Go Gadgeteer
God of the North
Good Mojo
Green Thumb
Guise of the Enemy
Heads, You Win
Hellstalker of Dis
Hit List
In Excelsis Deo
In the Court
Incurably Insane
Intergalactic Planetary
Intruder Alert
Island Adventurer
Knight of the Round
Korllian Conquerer
Life Is a Big, Dark Room
Like a Stone
Like an Eagle
Logical Conclusion
Looking like Six Million Bucks
Lost and Foundry
Man in Tights
Man or Machine?
Master of the Henge
Maximum Security
Medicine Man
Merlin's Tailor
Military Grade
Mystically Masked
No Mission Is Impossible
Nobody's Fool
On Metal Wings
Planetary Intergalactic
Praetorian Elite
Pulsar STAR
Ready for Class
Scaled Armor
Scion of Skartaris
Secret Secret, I've Got a Secret
Send Me An Angel
Seraph of Dominance
Shadows in the Night
Shaken, Not Stirred
Shards of the Heart
Staying Frosty
Strength of Voltan
That's Logistics
The Immutable
The Right Stuff
Two Pack
Two Sides Of The Same Coin
Under the Sea
Under the Spotlight
Utterly Divine
Visors Down
Warrior's Way