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Agile Action
Agile Amateur
Agile Athlete
Amazing Aerialist
Be Nimble
Do You Think Your Name Will Be On That Plaque?
Gotham Master Aerial Racer: Hero
Gotham Master Aerial Racer: Villain
Gotham Master Agile Racer: Hero
Gotham Master Agile Racer: Villain
Gotham Master Swift Racer: Hero
Gotham Master Swift Racer: Villain
Gutsiest Move I Ever Saw
I Am Dangerous
If You Ain't First, You're Last
It Doesn't Matter If You Win By An Inch Or A Mile
It's Looking Good So Far
Metropolis Master Aerial Racer: Hero
Metropolis Master Aerial Racer: Villain
Metropolis Master Agile Racer: Hero
Metropolis Master Agile Racer: Villain
Metropolis Master Swift Racer: Hero
Metropolis Master Swift Racer: Villain
More Than Just Fancy Flying
Natural Talent
Need for Speed
Nice Wheels
Pilot's License
Pro Athlete
Prodigious Performer
Shake And Bake
Terrific Tumbler
Time to Buzz a Tower
What Are You, a Wheelman?
Whatcha Runnin' Under There, Man?
You Almost Had Me? You Never Had Me!
You Can Be My Wingman Anytime