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Item: Reinforced Trinket of the Phalanx

Reinforced Trinket of the Phalanx


Item ID: 2348881
Characters Equipping Item: 1398
Category: Trinket
Item Quality: uncommon
Item Level: 91
PvP Item Level: 0
Integrates when Equipped: false
Cannot Sell: false
Cannot Trade: true
Code Name: reinforced-trinket-of-the-phalanx

Equip Restrictions

Required Level: 0
Required CR: 0

Faction: Both
Magic: true
Meta: true
Tech: true

Controller: false
Healer: false
Tank: true

Female Style: true
Male Style: true

Misc Info

Is Currency: false
Value: 888
Manufacturer: 1
Max Stack Size: 1
Charges: 0


Weapon DPS: 0.0
Might: 164
Precision: 36

Health: 720
Defense: 333
Toughness: 0

Dominance: 53
Restoration: 163
Vitalization: 72
Power: 111
Power Pool?: 0
Movement: 0

Storage Information

Unique: false
Item Number:
Shared Bank Slot:

Broker Info

Sold Date:
Sold Value: